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Mimosa 2012 10x10 Show

Safari Sunset, Harry Wirtz


Mimosa Gallery Show
February 11 - March 18, 2012




To celebrate the opening of our new location, mimosa is happy to host the 4th Annual “10x10=$100” exhibition.

The annual show is an exhibit of small works, no larger than 10”x10”, which will retail for no more than $100.  It will run Februaly 11th through March 18th 2012.  This customer favorite proves that “size does matter and small is good.”  More than 75 artists responded to the gallery’s call for entries – yielding over 300 pieces of work.  Landscapes, portraits, still life, collage, photography, and ceramics are included in this rich assortment of art.  LaLonde states that “Purchasing the original art supports artists directly.  Our artists are our community’s resource…………….our national treasures.”

Some of the local artists featured in this year’s 10”x10”=$100 include”

  • Ann Larsen
  • Gary Larsen
  • Elisa Sheehan
  • Michelle Winnie
  • Karen Elem
  • Randi Kish
  • Harry Wirtz
  • Amejo Amyot
  • Lynne Holstein